Five Finger Pitch and 10 Finger Pitch

First Hand:
Genre: drama
Protagonist: Fleur, a 11 year old girl
Goal: to escape from her mom
Obstacles: her mom, who believes Fleur will be bether off with her.
What’s Important: to feel she is beloved and self-confident
Second hand:
Thumb: Mother tries to make Fleur stay at home. Fleur threatens to commit suicide if she insists.
Index finger: Fleur leaves home and runs off to her father’s. Father’s married and his wife despises Fleur.
Middle finger: Fleur is left unattended and gets pregnant. Wife tries to kick her out of home.
Fourth finger: The mother tries to take her back home, Fleur refuses and they tussle. Father scarcely tries to take Fleur back with her too, his wife gets jealous of Fleur.
The Pinky: Fleur chooses her mother over her father and goes back home with her.

Genre: Fiction/Social Drama
Main Protagonists: two lower class young boys: Miguel y Gabriel (about 17-19 years old) who are childhood friends.
A Goal: To escape from a cycle of violence in their neighborhood and live an honest life.
Obstacle: The struggles of living in a place where violence is seen in an everyday matter, the need of these two young boys to sustain their families and circumstances that make them part of this violence.
What’s important? : The determination to escape a background of violence. That can be seen as a destiny that can’t be avoided.

Second Hand
The Thumb: Miguel quits school but gets a job in a supermarket to help his mother with the house expenses and Gabriel joins a police academy.
The Index Finger: The supermarket gets robbed; police (including Gabriel who is an apprentice) go to the place to investigate, one police man suspect that Miguel is involved in this rob and Gabriel don’t argue this accusation.
The Middle Finger: there’s no proved that Miguel is involved but the manager of the supermarket doesn’t thrust him and fired him. Miguel’s brother is killed by a rival gang member.

Genre: Monologue
Protagonist: a woman in her early 60’s, One child — a son.
Goal: to have her son tied firmly to her apron strings
Obstacles: His girlfriend — he’s recently moved in with, she’s 5 years older than him.
What’s Important: to break up the relationship.
Second hand:
Thumb: Mother takes to her bed for 2 weeks in a fit of pique. Father pretends to be a Singer sewing machine salesman to check the girlfriend out.
Index finger: the girlfriend is invited to tea, The father anxious in case she recognises him.
Middle finger: the father dies of a sudden heart attack — leaving the mother a widow. She forbids the girlfriend to go to the funeral — via the son. She goes anyway.
Fourth finger: The mother tells the girlfriend that she is not eating but not to tell the son, She does as she’s meant to. The son wants to cut his mother off altogether — the girlfriend objects.
The Pinky: The son and his girlfriend encourage his mother to accept the courtship of a long-standing family widower who thinks she is the epitome of superb womanhood and always had his heart set on her.